If Walls Could Talk-Restoring Walls In Older Homes

Living in New England, we get to work in some beautiful old homes. The craftsmanship of years gone by gives these homes charm and character. Ornate moldings, casings, corbels! Oh my! The bigger, the better! Hand carved woodwork is beautiful, but what happens when your walls need a little TLC? Believe it or not, some tradesmen that renovate older homes would prefer to replace the walls with new sheetrock and trim, rather than try to breathe new life into the existing walls or even save the old, unique woodwork. Recently, I attended an auction at a home from the 1700’s. The hand hewn beams, woodwork and the wide pine floors were beautiful. If walls could talk, imagine the stories they could tell. Removing trim work that is over 100 years old can damage it. Damaged woodwork is expensive to fix and sometimes impossible to replace. Resurfacing your walls not only maintains the integrity of the woodwork, but the cost is about the same with less mess! If you have kids, dogs or a busy life, keeping your house clean can be a challenge. Believe me! I know. To make it easier on our clients, we use the Festool sanding system to minimize airborne particles and allergens while we work in your home. Wall resurfacing is labor intensive (a good workout for the arms!) and requires skill to evenly smooth out the area being worked on. The result is walls that look brand new! Check out pictures from our latest project!


Erin Hanson

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