Why We Use Festool Sanders And Dust Extractors

20170103_134121One of the biggest challenges when working in a clients home is controlling the dust created during the prepping process of the job. There are several different ways to control dust for various tasks, but we have found that Festool sanders and dust extractors are the best at minimizing air borne dust. All of Festools sanders and various other tools connect to a HEPA vacumn with a tight sealed connection to extract the dust into the vacumns HEPA filter and bag. With this system, we have found that the amount of dust that lands on floors or drop clothes is reduced to a minimum. Festool is also a lead paint removal compliant system approved by the EPA. Before owning the Festool system, our process would be to “quarantine” our painting area by taping the area off with plastic sheeting. With the Festool system we have greatly reduced the inconveniences to our clients and improved our high standards of preparation. In some cases where dust may be excessive, we will use plastic sheeting in conjuction with the Festool system. Although the cost of Festool products are higher when compared to other systems on the market, we have invested in these tools to not only keep our clients homes clean, but also for our clients health and our crew as well. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Festool system and how it can be used in your home, I encourage you to go to www.festoolproducts.com.


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