Why I Buy Paint From A Paint Store Versus A Home Improvement Chain


I am asked frequently why I choose the paints I use and why it cost more than other paint manufacturers. First, let me explain the experience of shopping for paint at a paint store as compared to a Home Depot or Lowes. When I walk into my local Benjamin Moore Dealer (my choice of paints for reasons I will list later) I know that whatever questions I have about products or paint surfaces, the person behind the counter has the knowledge to answer my questions. I also have access to interior designers that work in the store for any color question I have. All of these services are available to home owners as well. In my experience at the big box stores, the person behind the counter lacks experience and knowledge to help with common paint related questions. It is important to note that sometimes the paint clerk at Lowes or Home Depot works in several departments and may be new in the paint aisle. On one occasion, I felt compelled to interrupt a conversation between a paint employee and customer before he allowed her to apply latex paint over old oil paint with no prep, a guaranteed failed finish.

Benjamin Moore has been my choice of paints since I started painting. I have diverted a few times to try to “save” a few bucks and try new products, but sometimes “saving” can be costly if the paint doesn’t perform well. The finishes I can provide my clients using Benjamin Moore paint is what is most important to my company. The quality far exceeds any other companies paints I have used especially the cheaper quality paints found in big box stores.



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